The Nuclear Atkins Assystem Alliance provides consultancy and engineering
services to countries developing nuclear power as part of their energy mix,
whether they are considering nuclear new build projects or infrastructure
across the entire nuclear fuel cycle

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Standing from left to right: Eric Besson,
Anne Lauvergeon and Sir Peter Westmacott. Seated from left to right: Dominique Louis and Keith Clarke

Paris, 8 February 2011 - Assystem and Atkins, two of the world's leading engineering consultancies, signed a joint venture agreement establishing a new player in nuclear engineering, n.triple.a.

On this occasion, Eric Besson, the French Minister of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy; Sir Peter Westmacott, the British Ambassador in France and Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, spoke before an audience comprised of many personalities from the nuclear industry.

Dominique Louis,
Chairman of the Assystem Management Board.

Introduction on the nuclear industry and ambitions of the joint-venture n.triple.a.

"We are very ambitious for the future. This ambition for the future is called n.triple.a. We would like to conquer the future and for be the independent European nuclear engineering experts of reference."

Keith Clarke,
CEO of Atkins.

The potential of English and French engineers

"A different culture, but a common passion for making professional judgement in the very difficult area of nuclear engineering."

Eric Besson,
the French Minister of Industry, Energy and Digital Economy.

In the nuclear field, international cooperation is fundamental.

"This operation goes further than just making Assystem and Atkins better able to provide for their clients' needs, and has a truly strategic aspect that constitutes the basis of a Franco-British alliance in nuclear engineering."

Sir Peter Westmacott,
the British Ambassador in France.

Greater competitiveness to win third country markets.

"Two industries, two countries, two governments even, would work together to create the conditions to foster the next generation of nuclear power that will be a model for other countries."