n.triple.a’s Value Proposition
The Alliance will give our clients access to both the UK and France’s largest engineering consultancies and collectively they bring together a worldwide reputation for providing highly developed nuclear engineering skills. This is further supported by the following values:

Deep Nuclear Technical Skills and Track Record
Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years with over 3,000 staff in the international nuclear sector covering the entire nuclear lifecycle from mining through to reprocessing. Our active participation in nuclear new build means we are fully conversant with the challenges our clients may face in developing proposals for a civil nuclear power programme. Our international experiences in having supported governments, regulators, utilities and reactor vendors allows us to remain impartial, which not only best places us to support our clients in the development of their programmes, but also allows us to introduce lessons learned from our experiences elsewhere in the world in Gen II/III/III+ technology.

Technical Competence and Programme Delivery
Our approach will be tailored for each client to take cognisance of their current position in relation to their programme and the requirements of the IAEA Milestone’s, allowing us to offer the best approach to support our clients in achieving the Milestone as detailed in the IAEA guidelines. We will work in full transparency with our clients and will adhere to IAEA expectations. 

Local Consultant
Our international network of offices will allow us to provide local, in region support to our clients. Our local knowledge, cultural alignment and ability to work closely with our clients will provide positive synergies that will ensure a successful relationship is developed and excellent cultural fit is achieved.

Internationally Recognised Staff
Our workforce consists of internationally recognised experts in their respective fields of specialism. Our experts have participated in IAEA programmes and have worked closely with the Agency. Working in a co-ordinated manner our staff will draw upon their skills and experiences in international nuclear projects to ensure our technical delivery exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Collaborative Approach
Our multinational reach combined with our local office presence allows our teams to work closely with our clients, including project staff being based in country and where required we integrate ourselves with our clients’ organisation. This enables our technical staff to provide a regular presence, driving a focussed delivery culture whilst also allowing input from our client’s team to ensure the successful delivery of their civil nuclear power programmes

Our Training Academies
Recognising the significant demand for nuclear qualified staff and the predicted growth rate of the industry over the coming years, Atkins and Assystem each have their own dedicated nuclear training academies specifically designed to support the development of their technical staff. Since their creation these academies have trained over 500 staff in all aspects of the nuclear sector.